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Galifco proudly carries a full line of Solutions from:


Air Casters :
We carry a complete line of air caster technology, that makes a large job manageable and easy!

Below The Hook:
With a wide range of vendors, anything is possible. From handling delicate materials, to heavy items, or both, Galifco can help you decide how to proceed. Contact the experts!

We have vendors who specialize in many different applications and with support for custom-designed solutions. Contact the experts!

Cranes and Hoists:
We offer a full range of vendors that, combined with our engineering dept, can help you ENGINEER your next project! Contact the experts!

In Plant Equipment:
From Hand trucks and carts, to work benches, self-dumping hoppers, containers and many more solutions. Galifco has it covered. Contact the experts!

Lifts and Stackers:
Whether lifting 20 lbs or 200 lbs, the full sales support in this department can help find you extra time in the day to get your tasks completed in a timely and safe manner. Contact the experts!

We support a full line of vendors that can help you use space differently, to maximize the space and storage needed. Contact the experts!

Rack and Shelving:
With a full line of rack and shelving, and stocked locally, we are your resource for storage and organization. Contact the experts!

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