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Air Casters & Machinery Movers

Air Casters use fluid film technology to “float” heavy loads on a film of air, allowing one person to easily move thousands of pounds. They distribute the load weight over a greater surface than casters or rollers, minimizing stress and eliminating floor damage. For a more economical alternative, machinery rollers provide high load capacities with lower profiles than casters. 

Many options are available, including non-marring rollers, handles and carrying cases. Air Jacks provide a low profile means of raising your load. No matter how light or heavy your load, we have the right product for your equipment move.

AeroGo's air caster systems can maneuver through tighter spaces by eliminating the need to disassemble your load.

GKS-PERFEKT lifting and moving systems feature the highest quality jacks, Hydraulic Pumps, Transport, Tandem and Rotating Trolleys systems.

Since 1953 Hilman Rollers have been known throughout the world for their dependability, flexible design, and durability.

Many other brands available please submit an inquiry

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